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Handheld Wireless Emitter

Dooya remote control system is designed to match with various Dooya motors. For tubular motors, Venetian Blinds drive, curtain motor, DC tubular motor, DC Venetian Blinds drive, Dooya has designed various remote controls with open, close, group control, light-adjusting, timing, lamp connecting and other various functions. Customized remote control is also welcome to meet different requirements for customers.

Along with the development of the motorized sunshade industry,the sunshade products are more and more used in starred hotel,5A office building,villa,high-end apartments and other places.Therefore,as work of controlling the motorized sunshade products,Dooya control system is also developing continually to be systematized and intelligentized. Now we have the single control,group control,timing control and the control system which can sense the wind,sun,rain and other natural reactions,we can also supply solutions of control system according to customers’ various requirements to satisfy customers’ intelligent control.