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Motorized Roller Blinds Solution

Motorized Roller Blinds is installed indoor or inner doubleglazing to avoid the adverse effect of outside and improve the service life of the system. It can block the sunlight in summer and reduce air conditioning load,in winter,it also can adjust visual comfort.If using wireless electronic remote control or building intelligent control can realize various kinds of intelligent control to meet customers’ high-quality requirements.
Super-quiet function
Super-narrow roller blinds function
Parallel connection function
Super-high roller blinds function
Setting the third limit position function

Super quiet function

Motorized roller blinds can be widely installed in inner room and used in home, meeting room and office, it has high requirement of noise.Dooya super quiet motorized roller blinds drive sound is under 35db, quiet and comfortable.

Super narrow function

When installing the motorized roller blinds in inner room may meet some windows which are very narrow, normal tubular motors are not able to be installed. The super narrow motor developed by Dooya can be installed in 40cm’s window to meet some special occasions’ requirements.


Parallel connection function

One switch can be used to control many motors to realize that many motors can run synchronously.The motor uses electronic limit and can realize precise positioning.


Super high function

Dooya electronic tubular motor has no limit of turns, the motors can be applied to super high occasion such as hotels, office lobbies, gymnasiums and conference centers.


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