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Motorized Curtain Solution

Motorized curtain is widely used in hotel rooms and residential rooms,particularly in Asia,Dooya curtain motor is endowed with resistance-stop function and many other innovation functions.
Elegant operate function
Rlectronic limit
Light open and light close function
Built - in radio receiver
Resistance and stop function
Light touch - start function
Power off - manual function

Light touch - start function

If use hand to pull the curtain lightly,the curtain will run automatically and stop until fully opened or fully closed.

Resistance and stop function

When you use hand to pull the opening or closing curtain,the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance(such as children play and pull the curtain) to avoid accident occurring.

Elegant operate function

DC curtain motor with light open and light close function.When it starts and near the limit position,the speed will obviously slow and make the curtain runs more elegant.

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There are three kinds of track are available