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Motorized Aluminium Venetian Blinds Solution

Motorized Venetian blinds are made of aluminium alloy totally,Venetian blinds system can not only used in residence but also used in office building.The Venetian blinds can construct ideal working atmosphere and also have beneficial effects to indoor temperature,it can save 28% energy in order to reduce the air-condition’energy cost obviously .
Save 28% energy efficiently,keep warm(winter summer),better weather resistance
Super-short motor installation:the minimum wall opening 420mm
Match up over cutting, square appearance design,realize concealed installation
Under 8 floors,sunshade and adjust light solution
Dot-move is available,low noise
Grade of waterproof:IP55
Wind-resistant design(guide rail)
safe equipment,when motor goes up,it will stop automaticallly if you press the green button.lt can beused both indoor and outdoor

Save 28% energy efficiently

Save 28% energy efficiently, it can block the sunlight out of the windows in summer and reduce the warming gas volatilizing speed from the window in winter.It has better weather resistance, according to the emerging trends of environmental protection and energy saving.

Dot - move function is available

The biggest advantage of motorized Venetian blinds is not only realizing upward and downward,but also realizing the dot-move function.It can be realized by only the same remote control.

Water - proof design

Motorized aluminum Venetian blinds is outer sunshading products.It is usually installed outdoor and has high requirement of water-proof performance.Dooya Venetian blinds drive can achive water-proof grade IP55 and is quite safe.

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